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What We Do

A Better Way Services has a wide range of services to offer,

Such as;

  • Fibre Glass Repairs

  • Paving of Pools

  • Sandstone of Pools

  • Tiling of Pools

  • Repairing Cracks and Rust in Pools

  • Latest Technolgy in Water Systems

  • Insurance Work

  • Filtration Systems(Diagnosis of issue/Replacement)

  • Supply or Install Pool Accessories

  • Swimming Pool & Spa Repairs

  • Pool Painting & Re-Coating

  • Decking & Decking Repairs


All products can be supply only or fitted for you by one of our friendly team members.

Pool Blankets Made To Suit;

  • Keep pool clean

  • Less expense on chemical and energy

  • Turn off your pool for long periods

  • Cost of Blanket pays for itself with your savings!

Large Range Of Pumps & Air-blowers;

  • Various capacities to suit all pools

  • Commercial and domestic available

  • Extremely quiet to run

Gas Heating;

  • Easy to operate units

  • High efficiency

  • Quiet operation

  • Low operation costs

Chlorinators/Disinfection Units;

  • Salt chlorinators

  • Safe and respful of environment

  • Various models to choose from to suit purpose

If there is a part you need ask us, if we dont have it we will find it for you.

Various Pool Fittings;

  • Lighting - all types and styles

  • Ladders - all types and styles

  • Skimmer boxes and grating

  • Gutter drains and covers

  • Outlet Fittings

  • Eye ball jet and standard jets

All Types Of Filtration;

  • Filters to suit all sizes and types of pools

  • Low energy consumption

  • Valves, Gauges and Spare parts

Solar Heating;

  • All made to suit size and type of heating

  • Great prices on solar panels and accessories

  •  We wont be on our price and quality

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